Shows the week at Lindberg’s


Tuesday 6:30 Tuesday Night Lights (open mic)
Wednesday 6:30 Beatles Ukulele jam amd sing along
Thursday 6:30 Alexa & the Other Guys
10:00 Zolopht with Mood Ring Circus
Friday 6:30 Wild Bobs Musical Book Club
10:00 One Drop Pulse
Saturday 6:30 Jennifer Reisch & Ruell Chapelle
10:00 Transylvania & Cherry Bomb Burlesque

Shows this week at Lindberg’s

Thursday 6:30- Treva amd the Troublemakers
Friday 6:30- The Steele’s Fundraiser featuring: Dallas Jones, Brandon Moore, Molly Healey, Mark & Cindy Bilyeu, Jody Bilyeu, Steve Newman, Kevin Kott, Jimmy & Melissa Rea, Will Chiles
10pm – Famine Rucus, One Finger Discount, Witchsister
Saturday 6:30- Melissa, Mike, & Dallas
10pm – Mood Ring Circus

Shows this week at Lindbergs


Wed Jan 10th 6:30-close- Action Kick Johnny, Lori Locke Band with Maddi Butler, Sean Calvin and the Dirty Truth, and Stockpile of Lives

Thur Jan 11th 6:30-8:30 Leah Marie

Fri Jan 12th 6:30 Wild Bob’s Musical Book Club

Jan 12th 10pm- Al Holiday and the Eastside Rhythm Band with Funk Tank

Sat Jan 13th 6:30 The Shandies
Jan 13th 10pm – One Drop Pulse

Sunday jan 14th Matinee 2pm Melinda Mullins