Shows this week at Lindbergs

Tuesday 7pm open mic hosted by Krista Meadows
Wednesday 6:30 Hamburger Cows
Thursday 6:30 Tyler Giles-Roberson
Friday 8pm-12:30 Stone Senate with Mood Ring Circus
Saturday 6:30 Michael Cochran & Donnie Thompson
10:00 Caleb Ryan Martin, Erin Detherage, Sarah white

Shows this week at Lindberg’s

Tuesday 7pm Tuesday Night Lights (open mic hosted by Krista Meadows)
Wednesday 6:30 Steve Newman
Thursday 6:30 Larry Getz
Friday 6:30 Creek Rocks with The Syllamo Trio
10:00pm Brainstew
Saturday 6:30 Brandon Moore
10:00pm Clawhammer
Sunday 2:00 Jennifer Reisch

Shows this week at Lindberg’s


Tuesday 6:30 Tuesday Night Lights (Open mic hosted by Krista Meadwos
Wednesday 6:30 Molly Healey & David Painter
Thursday 6:30 Jenna & Martin
10:00 Krantz with Mood Ring Circus
Friday 6:30 Rhythm of Saints (Paul Simon tribute)
10:00 Rose Ridge with Bobby Gardner
Saturday 6:30 The Detectives
10:00 The Vandoliers with the Margins
Sunday 2:00 Three to get Ready